Since it hit the streets on Thanksgiving Day, the Mercy Mobile has become an effective tool in fighting homelessness and hunger in Silicon Valley.

Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, many of them students and members of various church youth groups, the Mercy Mobile has:

  • Delivered more than 4,000 blankets to those on the streets
  • Fed hundreds of hot meals to the hungry at St. James Park each week
  • Brought several churches and organizations together, to worship, serve and organize on the streets
  • Delivered hundreds of necessities to people on the streets who would otherwise not get them
  • Discovered dozens of new encampments and documented their locations
  • Assisted in relocating the displaced after encampment sweeps
  • Brought national news attention to the plight of the homeless in Silicon Valley
  • Helped expose the tremendous economic disparities that exist in Silicon Valley


You are listening to a recent interview with Scott Wages regarding the Mercy Mobile

Mercy Mobile San Jose, CA

The Mercy Mobile has been  particularly effective in reaching those who are "off the grid" by delivering necessities to the people where they live

The Mercy Mobile has been an effective "teaching tool" in educating the public about homelessness. We have taken politicians, pastors, community leaders, students, youth groups and several news media crews, on "ride alongs" so they can see the reality of homelessness up close and personal.


The Mercy Mobile is about more than mercy. Our visits to camps are steps toward the better world that is struggling to be born. We not only organize church groups to help the homeless, we organize the homeless to help churches, and everyone to help one another.

Our mission is to proclaim good news to the poor, to set the prisoners free, and to liberate the captives.

Silicon Valley Tech Companies Need To Get On Board And Help Today~


CLICK HERE to view recent pictures in the Mercury News.

St. Timothy's Youth Group

On The Front Lines

To accomplish this we preach power, the power we all access when we understand how precious we are in the eyes of God. 

While the Mercy Mobile brings food and clothing to homeless people that desperately need them, its higher purpose is to break through the class barriers of Silicon Valley and heal our community. Homeless people are our own flesh and blood. We raise awareness of the horrible conditions we condemn them to live in, here in the richest area in the world, and we connect people to work together to address the situation. 


We need your  financial assistance to keep the missions going.  It costs approximately $1,700/month to keep the mercy mobile going out three times a week.


Homelessness will not be ended by leaving it to the politicians and the professionals. 
Homelessness will only be ended when each and every one of us gets involved.

Thank you and
God Bless You


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