CHAM Missions

CHAM Missions


Since it hit the streets on Thanksgiving Day 2015, the Mercy Mobile has become an effective tool in fighting homelessness and hunger in Silicon Valley.Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, many of them students and members of various church youth groups, the mercy mobile has fed thousands and delivered hundreds of items to the 4,000 homeless living in encampments scattered throughout our city. The mercy mobile has been very effective in reaching those who are “off the grid” by delivering necessities to the people where they live.Also, the mercy mobile has been an effective “teaching tool” in educating the public about homelessness. We have taken politicians, pastors, community leaders, , students, youth groups and several news crews on “ride alongs” so they can see the reality of homelessness up close and personal.We need your financial assistance to keep the missions going. It costs approximately $1,700/month to keep the mercy mobile going out 3 times a week. Help us keep the mercy mobile rolling.Click HERE to donate to our Mercy Mobile Crowdrise Campaign.

CHAM Deliverance Missions is a front-line ministry that serves the poor and homeless in Silicon Valley

With a MISSION Mindset; CHAM has worked with the homeless in several capacities since inception in 1997:

CHAM continues to fight for the rights of the homeless, while influencing toward changed policies affecting the homeless. The group has headed the Mayor’s Task force, and created new and effective programs. These programs include but are not limited to food programs, shelter management and public education and awareness.


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