Newsletter 8-12-2016

Newsletter 8-12-2016

The Mercy Mobile Is Going Stronger Than Ever; But Needs Your Support To Keep Rolling Along 

The Mercy Mobile continues to serve and empower the poor in Silicon Valley. In the last several months, we have reached hundreds of those languishing in encampments scattered throughout Santa Clara county.

We need your help today…  Any amount is welcome. [paypal_donation_button]

CHAM receives no government support, and is just now starting to apply for community and faith based grants. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to keep reaching out. The mercy mobile is an older RV and needs to be serviced. It is in need of repairs.


Body Builder Turned Pastor- Targets Silicon Valley’s Unwanted

Tucked behind a light industrial area of self-storage warehouses and auto-parts stores is a small encampment of homeless people who live in tents along the banks of a creek.

Few people know or care about this encampment or an estimated 150 others scattered all over this Silicon Valley capital of 1 million people. But every so often, a beat-up 1985 RV called the Mercy Mobile pulls up along a dead-end curb and a motley crew of homeless advocates bearing water, food, or clothes and shoes hops out.

Leading the pack is Pastor Scott Wagers, a former body builder and trainer dedicated in ministering to the homeless.

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The CHAM mission is to proclaim good news to the poor, to set the prisoners free, and to liberate the captives. We strive for the unity and vision articulated by Dr. King, in the raising up of a non-violent army to demand that government enact “total, direct, and immediate abolition of poverty”. To accomplish this we preach power, the power we all access when we understand how precious we are in the eyes of God.  

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Please do what you can and contact us, if you are interested in volunteering!    

God bless you

Prov. 28:27 Whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to poverty will be cursed.


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